AKA® Sales Suspended Until March of 2024

AKA® Sales Suspended Until March of 2024



No Sales of AKA® Merchandise Until March of 2024


No Sales of AKA® Merchandise Until At Least March 2024


We are so grateful to all of you who have continued to cheer us on during this gap in our 20 year service history. Whether you purchased gifts for other organizations, brought your non-Greek items in for personalization or just lent a word of support, we want you to know that it meant the world to us... Thank you! 

 We have received many questions regarding the resumption of the sales of AKA® merchandise.

 Good News!

 On December 21, 2023, we received notification from AKA® headquarters that their new licensing program will be announced in January of 2024.

The earliest any new licenses will be issued is March of 2024.

 While we were hoping to resume sales in January of 2024, we at least now have information that may move us forward in the relicensing process.

No additional details on this program have yet been made available to us. We will continue to keep you advised as we continue to navigate this new renewal program. 

If our application is successful, we should be able to resume serving the AKA® community in March of 2024.

 This only applies to AKA®


All other organizational licenses have been evaluated and will continue into 2024.


We look forward to serving you in the New Year!