Custom Jacket Ordering

Q: What designs can you come up with for my line name?
A: Coming up with designs is part of the process of making your jacket and is included in the price of the "Premium" package. It is a valuable part of the service that we provide. Unfortunately, we have had people to come into the store and talk to us about designs then take our ideas to other shops for implementation. Because of this, we do not start this design process until you provide a 50% deposit for the work. 


Q: Can I see a proof of what the custom design will look like before I order it?

A: No. Developing the design proof is a process that takes 6 to 16 hours to create depending on the complexity of the design. This is why custom (Premium) designs are more expensive that stock (Deluxe) designs. The additional cost is the cost to create the custom design. In order to create the proof, we have to do the work first. It is included as part of the process after you place your order.

If you would like to see examples of the work that we have done in the past, we have tons of photos on our instagram page.
Q: I don't have a custom picture. I just want my name and number (Classic package) or a standard picture (Deluxe package) with my number. Can I see a proof of that prior to production?
A: Yes. Proofs for standard lettering or pictures are available prior to production for an additional fee of $20. 

Q: I have a picture that I am going to e-mail to you. Can you create this on the back of my jacket?
A: We can reproduce almost any non-copyrighted picture on the back of your jacket. Please do not send us any pictures from other Greek store sites or artwork from artists unless you have obtained their written permission and can provide this to us. Their designs are their property.

Q: I already have a jacket. How much would it be to add to my jacket?
A: Our decoration prices for work on your own jacket can be seen at the bottom of our jacket price list. Please note that this assumes your jacket already has the letters and the crest on it. If your does not already have either of these, or if you want us to add in symbols on the letters, it is almost always less expensive to start with a new jacket. Also, we cannot guarantee to match threads from other companies.

Q: I have a jacket and I would like you to remove lettering. Can you do this?
A: No, we do not remove lettering from any garment.

Q. I have a jacket and I would like you to embroider over or cover up what is there. Can you do this?
A: No, we do not cover up existing lettering or designs on garments.
Q: Our line is interested in ordering our jackets from you. Do you provide a group rate?
A: A group discount of 10% is available for lines of 4 or more. The item ordered must be the same with only the personal information and sizing being different (i.e. name and number). For example, 4 jackets with a different design on the back of each one does not qualify for a group rate. Also, groups must adhere to group payment terms. This means that payment must be made as a group and we cannot collect payments from individuals.
Discounts of above 10% are available for larger order. Please see the Prices & Ideas link under General Embroidery for the discount rate Chart.

Q: How long does it take to get a jacket?
A: Though turnaround times for custom items vary based on time of year and complexity of the order, typically a week for Classic jackets, 2 weeks for Deluxe jackets and 3-6 weeks for Premium jackets.

Q: I need my order sooner than your standard turnaround times. Do you have a rush service?
A: Yes. Our minimum rush fee on a simple item (like a t-shirt) is $50. Please call for rush service on complex items.

Q: Can I place my order over the phone using my credit card?
A: Yes. We accept all major credit cards. We do not accept personal checks.

Q: I don't see my Greek organization listed. Can you make a jacket for my Greek organization?
A: Chances are the answer is yes. We can get all Greek letters in a wide variety of colors. If your organization was founded after 1960, we may not have your organization's crest. In this case, if you want it, it will have to be created. The cost for this is a minimum of $75.00 in addition to the cost of the jacket.

Q: Can I order a patch like the designs that I see on your website?
A: No. The designs you see are not patches. All of our decoration is sewn directly into the garment.

Q: Why does adding lettering to the jacket close up the pocket? Is there someway that you can guarantee that this will not happen?
A: Everyone loves the look of the big letters on jackets, but they take up quite a bit of space. When we put letters on a coach jacket, we must place the jacket in an embroidery hoop, avoiding snaps and positioning it so it looks good depending on the size of the garment. For smalls and mediums, there simply is not enough space on the jacket unless we cover part of the pocket. For other jackets, the snaps may be in a position such that we catch the upper part of the pocket. Every jacket is not identical, so there is no way we can guarantee that the pocket will always be usable. For pullover jackets, we sew the lettering directly over the front pocket. This permanently closes it.

Q: What is appliqué lettering?
A: Appliqué is a French word meaning "apply". In sewing, it is when we take one piece of fabric and apply it to another. For Greek apparel, we apply pre-cut fabric letters to the garment and then stitch around them. This creates a look that has depth and contrast. We also use this technique for many of our jacket designs where a large amount of thread would be required or to achieve more dimensions.